About us

Helvetica font, the initial iPhone font.
Although it is the most commonly used font in the world, its name is surprisingly low in recognition except for those who make a living in design.

I wanted to become a brand that has a high degree of perfection, is actually worn and is actually permeated, but has a stealth quality. Read Helvetic.

We face creative activities without fear of change, focusing on things that are full of functional beauty and sophistication, and things that update our daily lives.

why the brand was founded

Ever since I was a teenager, I spent a lot of money on clothes, wearing all sorts of clothes, both old and luxurious, as if competing with my friends and people around me. I realized that my friends who were with me were also leaving due to various factors.

At that time, I noticed that many outdoor brands were worn, and I established it because I thought that if there was a highly functional and sophisticated brand like that, I would be able to love fashion forever.

HLVTC is made for everyone who seeks functional beauty while maintaining fashion.

Strongest division of labor

As a result of an analysis of what constitutes a high degree of perfection in this world, I came to the conclusion that buildings that support people's lives correspond to them.

Experts such as designers, architects, and on-site craftsmen will all divide up and finish.
It is difficult for one person to build a building.

At HLVTC, experts in each field divide the work to produce products based on the values ​​that can be said to clothing as well.

Designers, pattern makers, sewing craftsmen, fiber traders, etc., who are not designers, change from time to time.

Since the production of HLVTC that goes through this process takes a lot of time, there is a line called HLVTC LAB where designers occasionally invite guests to create improvisational things in the lab.

What HLVTC can do

Instead of making a lot of clothes at a fixed pace like SS.AW, we will combine the currently available materials and ideas and release them irregularly.

As an antithesis to the recent mass release and a large sale in about a month to maintain the business.

We collect state-of-the-art, experimental materials from all over the world, and sometimes use rare, dead-stock materials for small-lot production.

This is difficult for large brands that hesitate to use unprecedented materials or do not get on the production line due to small quantities, but HLVTC dares to take on the challenge.

don't quit fashion

Passing time is an inevitable part of life.
But that doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of self-expression through fashion.

Our greatest goal is to cherish the limited time and opportunity, and to color our lives with a rich smile.

Functional and sophisticated clothes will unleash your body, gently envelop you as you spend time with your loved ones in various situations, and allow you to focus on the wonderful scenery and environment you have never seen before.

Fashion has the power to move the heart. It's not just a collection of clothes and accessories.

They become a medium for you to express yourself, and we are passionate about giving you a fashion experience that allows you to feel confident and enjoy your day.

We hope that HLVTC will be a special place in your life.



Influenced by music too much, he started to remake clothes by dismantling and reconstructing them in high school.

After wondering whether to choose a fashion designer or a hair designer, I decided to do both, and started my career as a hair designer at the age of 18.

In addition to working at the salon, he was in charge of photography for apparel brands and backyard hair for the Tokyo collection.

Started broadcasting on YouTube from the same time.

Australia's web media "SHELLZINE" featured for the first time as a Japanese designer and published an interview.

In 2021, the brand name will be renewed to HLVTC.

Based on the idea that both hairstyles and clothes are the same in terms of decorating the body, and that it is fashion that is coaxial, he is active as a hair designer, designer, design consultant, support for new brand launches, and YouTuber.