Privacy policy

Regarding the handling of personal information

We recognize the importance of personal information and implement the following measures.

1. Management of Information We appoint a manager for personal information (hereafter referred to as "personal information") and implement training, safety measures, etc. to strictly manage personal information.

2. Purpose and scope of collection When collecting personal information, we will collect personal information within the necessary scope after notifying the purpose of collection.

3. Prohibition of Disclosure/Provision to Third Parties We will properly manage personal information collected from customers and will not disclose or provide it to any third party except in the following cases: yeah.
(1) When there is customer consent
(2) When the Company discloses to a subcontractor to the extent necessary to perform the service desired by the customer

4. Obligation to subcontractors Third parties who provide personal information based on this agreement will be obliged by contract to ensure strict management of personal information at the same level as our company, and we will have them implement this.

5. Observance and Review of Laws and Regulations In addition to complying with laws and regulations applicable to personal information, in order to further ensure the protection of our customers' personal information, we will review and improve our efforts in each of the above items as necessary. increase.

Customer access log/history information

Our website records the information of those who have accessed it in the form of an access log. The access log includes the domain name and IP address of the person who accessed, the type of browser used, the date and time of access, etc., but usually does not include information that can identify individuals. These access logs are used for website maintenance and statistical analysis of usage, but are not used for any other purpose.

In addition, regarding services that customers use after registering their personal information with us in advance, history information related to customer usage may be recorded together with information that can identify customers. We will handle these appropriately as part of personal information. If we use historical information in conjunction with personal information for purposes other than those listed below, we will clearly indicate the purpose of use to the customer in advance for each service.

  • Notifications to customers regarding service usage status, etc.
  • Responding to inquiries from customers
  • Registration and management of customer's personal information
  • Formation of statistical data in a format that cannot identify individual customers