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Anti Storm Hoodie

Anti Storm Hoodie

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The main material is CORDURA's heavy fleece material.

It has quick-drying, abrasion-resistant, and anti-pilling functions, and eliminates the problem of not drying after washing that occurs with ordinary sweat hoodies.

The front pocket made of stretch nylon material has a magnetic button to prevent the luggage from falling.

When the hood is put on and the zipper is closed, it becomes an anti-storm pattern, and by folding the upper part of the hood inward, it can be changed to a high neck for a 2-way silhouette.


While it has a relaxed fit, it features an Excela zipper that shines on the front and a luxurious feel of metal parts.

The design, which traces the cut line of the pattern with an overlock, is an image of the endless neon beams seen by bikers of the future.

There is a pocket with a large magnetic button on the front left chest, so you can store your luggage while minimizing the hassle.


shoulder width Width Length
62cm 67cm 69cm


  • Cotton: 89%
  • Nylon: 11%
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