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Blanc L/S Tee

Blanc L/S Tee

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The double-knit structure is woven by a special machine called a "double-sided machine" to closely bond the two fabrics.

This material is a blend of cotton and polyester that uses high-twisted yarns for increased durability, excellent shape stability and wrinkle resistance.

The special processing gives the fabric a swelling and dry touch, as well as a cool touch effect.

A high-quality cut and sew that can be worn every day with a matte finish that is elegant and does not wrinkle easily, and the sturdy fabric does not show your body lines.


The pattern was created with the aim of creating a stylish long sleeve that does not interfere with the outerwear.

Although it has a slim armline, the width, length and neckline are roomy, so it can be coordinated with a jacket or worn like a dress.

The side seams are a deformed pattern that stops from the cuffs to the underarms. They are sewn on the back and the shoulder line is split raglan to help your body move.

The hem is cut off.


shoulder width Width Length
44cm 51.5cm 80cm


  • Cotton: 80%
  • Polyester: 20%
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