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HLVTC LAB candle ''memento mori''

HLVTC LAB candle ''memento mori''

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HLVTC LAB original candle

We use a traditional manufacturing method branded with natural soy wax beeswax.

Natural soybean wax is a material that does not easily generate soot.
It is said that the effect of purifying the air can be expected.

It is said that candles made from beeswax enter the capillaries through the respiratory tract and circulate throughout the body, effectively approaching the autonomic nervous system.
As a room fragrance for purifying the air in the room and aligning the mind and emotions.

The scent is a blend of essential oils such as vetiver, black pepper, and coriander, and contains fragrances for further balance.

memento mori

"Remember death" in Latin
To live means to die, to love means to lose.
By being conscious of the paradox, I consciously blended the scent so that I can concentrate on my daily life while valuing the people and things in front of me.

I think it's perfect for when you're tired in your life and want to improve your concentration.
I would be very happy if you could change the same space to different scents and enjoy your days.

Contents 80g

Burning time: about 12 hours (varies depending on lighting environment)

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