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HLVTC LAB ''LAB Hoodie 01''

HLVTC LAB ''LAB Hoodie 01''

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A new material called F/French Terry is used.
By using non-twisted yarn for the lining, it has a very soft feel and is very lightweight.
To maintain its texture, put it in a net when washing and use a small amount of fabric softener to make it last longer.


Wide, short, long sleeves.
A reversible hoodie with the possibility of matching with the bottom or layering and with margins.
The front is clean and soft, and the back is a reversible design with a punk and rough image.
A characteristic arm pattern with a three-dimensional structure and a small high-necked hood.

It's a piece that you'll want to wear all the time, and it's designed with a material that's so soft and comfortable that you'll fall asleep.


shoulder width Width Length
50cm 60cm 63cm


  • Cotton: 100%
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