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Hybrid tech shirts 1.1

Hybrid tech shirts 1.1

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The beginning of the brand began with the experimental release of one T-shirt in 2018.

After many months of thinking and making prototypes, the final result was Hybrid tech shirts.

The difference from the previous work

  • The thermal part on the back is also changed to that of CORDURA.
  • Changed detailed sewing specifications
  • Brand tag renewal

And the production craftsman is a different person.
Even if it is the same blueprint, the atmosphere of the clothes may change when different craftsmen are in charge.
I feel like it's like changing the conductor of an orchestra.

Below is the product description.


The main material used is codura's water-absorbing, quick-drying and durable fabric, and the ventilation from the armpit to the back is also from codura.


It is composed of multiple three-dimensional and functional panel cuts, and the round hem has a pattern work that goes down at the back, making it look beautiful from the top.
And even if you squat down, you can't see your skin.

I want you to wear clothes that are particular about details as much as one tone.
Not only is it one piece, but it is also perfect for autumn and winter innerwear.


shoulder width Width Length
48cm 52cm 76cm


  • Cotton: 60%
  • Nylon: 40%
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