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Magnetic frontfly shirts

Magnetic frontfly shirts

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Cooling material with a high concentration of sun shielding ceramic enclosed in the core of polyester fiber.
Infrared transmission, ultraviolet rays, and visible light transmission are suppressed at a high level, and the temperature inside the fabric is prevented from rising and can be kept constant.

Uses fabric with excellent cooling properties and UV protection.
Gun flap pockets with magnets on both chests.
Uses genuine water buffalo buttons.


The design can be worn in the office, but it has a lot of gimmicks.
The entrance of the gun flap pocket is a magnet, and this specification is actually very rare.
I searched all over the world for a product that is washable and I finally found it.

The hem of the side slit can also be styled in the front only.
From the front, it looks like a compact hiyoku shirt, but the back has three split raglan sleeves.
The 3D structure based on ergonomics realizes an amazing range of motion.

Visor on collar.
You can use the UV cut function to prevent sunburn, and even if you fold only the visor part after standing it, it is beautiful.
Cut the cuffs in the same cut as the gun flap.
A full-body shirt with attention to detail has been completed.

You can also wear it as a shirt jacket with a luxurious fabric.
It's more than just minimalism, it's a piece that will appeal to fashion lovers who can compete with the perfection of quality, function and design.


shoulder width Width Length
50cm 60cm 75.5cm


Polyester: 100%

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