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Mechanic pants

Mechanic pants

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Made of 80/2 VENTILE material, it has a high density, moderate luster and toughness.

A detachable tool bag is attached to the waist. Not only the device but also large luggage can be stored.
It can be put on and taken off with a zipper and metal fittings, and the metal fittings are specially processed parts for this outfit.
The tool pocket that comes with regular work pants is small and unsuitable for everyday use, but the width and angle are adjusted to make it easy to use.

The side pockets are divided into three layers to prevent items from rubbing against each other.
Smartphone pocket on the front.
The hem has four darts for a beautiful tapered silhouette.

The tool bag has a belt loop so it can be removed and used as a single bag.


Pants with the theme of "future mechanics".

The 80/2 VENTILE was arrived at in pursuit of luster, thickness and quality of the fabric, considering that it is not HLVTC just because it is tough.

A tool bag equipped with a small pocket with a zipper to a large pocket can accommodate a wide range of luggage.

The back half of the waist is made with rubber to fit a wide range of body types.

When the bag is removed, it becomes cropped work pants with flat rivets.
The tool pocket, which is difficult to use with normal work pants, has been updated to a modern shape, and four darts are used on the hem to achieve a beautiful tapered silhouette.
I swallowed every element and balanced beauty with toughness.


waist Watari Rise Total Length cuff
80-88cm 35cm 34cm 93cm 17cm

*Waist stretches with rubber


Cotton: 100%

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