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NEO mortorcycle leather jacket with Dyneema®︎

NEO mortorcycle leather jacket with Dyneema®︎

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Primitive cutting-edge
*This is the final sample of the product that was completely made to order. Specifications are the same as the product version.

Duality is the theme of this time.
Natural and synthetic, ancient and modern, front and back.
This collection using ECCO LEATHER's Dyneema leather is the world's first clothing product of this material.


For the flat silver parts and all zippers, the product version uses custom-made products from riri, the finest Swiss company.
Comes with a belt to carry on the back.
Although it is a large rider, it is lightweight by using Dyneema leather.
It is the first place that solved the problem of the rider's jacket so far as clothes.

Oversized rider jacket.
However, the arm line, the shape of the collar, and the detailed pattern work create a beautiful silhouette.

This shape design, which has been done by various brands until now, has been swept and thrown away, and I made it with the desire to create clothes that are necessary for us who live in the present age, while giving functionality and meaning while making it as authentic as possible.
A large pocket that boasts a storage capacity like a coverall.
The inner pocket is designed to fit a long wallet.
It is also possible to open the zipper on the cuffs and roll it up.
It is also designed to be shared with important family members and partners.
It is often difficult to match a regular rider's bag with a bag, so the jacket itself has storage capacity by making it a meaningful width and length instead of the trendy oversize.


shoulder width Width Length
49cm 58cm 72cm


  • Surface Cowleather: 100%
  • Back side Dyneema: 100%
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