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Schoeller Dryskin Technical jacket 1.0

Schoeller Dryskin Technical jacket 1.0

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Jacket using Dryskin, a functional material from Schoeller.
It has excellent water repellency, elasticity, and moisture permeability.

The zipper is changed to Excela.
Comes with a flat metal snap button and a belt that you can carry on your back when it's hot.

Cuff slit specifications.
2 side pockets.
Back action pleat specification
2 back pockets with YKK LOCK.


For jackets, shirts, outerwear and innerwear.
Whether you put it up or lay it down, wear it or carry it on your back.

Is it possible to create clothes that are all-purpose and excellent in design, and what parts are the best?
After a lot of trial and error, it was finally completed.

Longer sleeves have the effect of showing off your arms, and action pleats added to the stretchy material.


shoulder width Width Length
46cm 58cm 73cm


  • Nylon: 89%
  • Elastic: 11%
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