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Soft Metal × Ventile gabadine Funnel neck jacket

Soft Metal × Ventile gabadine Funnel neck jacket

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The material used on the surface is an original material from Nakajima Kiyojo, which boasts a 50-year history in Fukui Prefecture, Japan's leading synthetic fiber fabric production area.
We are a company that focuses on how to incorporate natural scenes into the visual effects of textiles, and to develop composite textiles that combine synthetic fibers and natural fibers.

"Soft Metal"
Yarn-dyed polyester PU is used for the warp to give it stretchability, and monofila (a single fiber composed of a single thread), which is a raw material, is used for the weft, and tension is applied to the transparent thread during spinning. It is a special material that looks like metal and has a smooth luster because it is made by applying a coating.

The reverse side is made of Ventile, a water-repellent material developed for the British Army during World War II.
Using cotton with long fiber lengths while maintaining the same performance, it has a luxurious luster and suppleness, and by raising the density of the loom to the limit, it is a durable fabric with water repellency even though it is 100% cotton. is.

Both sides are connected with a custom-made Excela zipper, so you can not only wear it reversibly, but also use it separately.


The shine of the finest Excela zipper running on the front gives a luxurious yet punk impression.

This is a HLVTC full-body outfit that uses precious fabrics and materials.

Adopts a funnel neck that protects the outside air and the wearer's privacy.
It wraps and protects you like a chemical protective suit from various modern events.

The rubber on the neck can be worn like a mask over the ears.


shoulder width Width Length
61cm 68cm 77cm


  • Outer Polyester: 100%
  • Lining Cotton: 100%
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