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Zehta Jacket

Zehta Jacket

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Synthetic fiber chemicals that change over time

If the mountain jacket evolved on another axis. It's waterproof, extremely tough, and can be worn for a long time.
The main material used this time is high-density nylon pentyl milli cloth. The material, which is sufficiently strong and water resistant as it is, is further condensed to make it tougher and more resistant to water.
This is the birth of "Ultra High Density Nylon Bentile Milli Cloth" as a synthetic fiber that grows like denim or leather.
2.92onz Dyneema® is placed on the elbows for a marble-like texture, light weight and strength.
The lining is made of TORAY AIR FINE, a highly water-absorbing and quick-drying material that uses micro-slit structure yarn. It will make it easier for rescue teams to find you when you do.


The arm pattern is designed so that when the hand is raised, it becomes straight, and while it is slim, it has a wide range of motion.

The detachable front panel allows you to change the width of your body, and when you put it on, you can add one pocket.
The waterproof bislon fastener prevents water from entering through gaps.
The 6th jacket, Zehta, which is fully equipped with processed high-tech materials, will be your companion for a long time.

5 front pockets
Removable front panel waterproof fastener with a belt that can be carried on the back


shoulder width Width Length
Not measurable With front parts 67cm Without 58cm 72cm


  • Outer Polyester: 60% Nylon: 40%
  • Lining Polyester: 100%
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